A new concept
of Graphic Design service

  • Creativity and Innovation... come first
  • Cloud working... always in the Cloud
  • Pay per use
  • Price and response times preset

But, What's the mission of Neembos?

To outsource your Graphic Design function.

Web Design


Communications and Branding

And, What's the model?

Our differentiation.
Services based on:

Standardized Service Packages. Prices and response times preset.

Platform to manage the Service. Space to store the works and monitor the SLA degree of compliance.

Quality of the service based on SLAs (Service Level Agreements). Processes automation.

Innovation and continous improvement. We study the KPIs of the service to improve them.

And, Which services do we offer?

Discover our
Portfolio of Standardized Service Packages


All the visual material needed for an optimal communication process.


Insert into your organization the new skills of Front-end Design.

Internal communication

Promote in your staff the sense of belonging to your organization with attractive messages.


Illustrations adapted to the content you want to explain.

Social Networks

Reinforce your brand with a consistent presence.

Contact with us

Edif. ARIETE SODEFESA. Calle Innovación, 6
41927, Mairena del Aljarafe, Sevilla (España)

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